Isolated Juvenile Xanthogranuloma in Thoracic Spine: Intraoperative Cytological Diagnosis of a Rare Presentation


Shashi Singhvi, Shruti Bhargava

Juvenile Xanthogranulomas (JXG) are benign proliferative disorders of nonLangerhans histiocytes, which present in children as multiple, self-limited, cutaneous lesions. The extracutaneous manifestations of JXG are uncommon, and isolated JXG involving the spinal column is extremely rare. We report here a case of isolated juvenile xanthogranuloma in thoracic spine correctly diagnosed intraoperatively on crush smear cytology and later confirmed by histopathological and immunohistochemical studies. This case report draws attention to the fact that isolated xanthogranuloma should be considered among possible diagnoses of spinal tumor in children. Also, since the long term survival depends on complete surgical resection, a correct intraoperative diagnosis is extremely important for optimal management and prognosis of the patient.