Epstein Barr positive Diffuse Large Cell Non‐Hodgkin Lymphoma, NOS: A Distinct Morphological Entity that can Easily be Confused with Other Types of Lymphoma


Mario Murguia‐Perez*, Yunuen I. Garcia‐Mendoza, Karen S. Vázquez‐Rodríguez, Rafael Fosado‐Ramos, Yara G. Flores Raymundo, Rita Dorantes‐Heredia, Saulo Mendoza‐Ramírez, Eduardo Agustín‐Godínez, Jazmín A. González‐Mercado, Karen A. Leal‐Tapia, Alicia G. Siordia‐Reyes, Octavio Martínez‐Villegas, Norma E. Alatoma‐Medina and Marco A. Olvera‐Olvera

Epstein Barr Virus positive (EBV+) Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Non- Special Type (NOS) is an entity included in the 2016 WHO classification of lymphoid neoplasms. Formerly known as “elderly lymphoma”, it is an aggressive B-cell lymphoma associated with chronic EBV infection and a poor prognosis with standard chemotherapeutic approaches. Currently, it is recognized that it can occur in children and young patients. Because of its very low frequency, it causes common errors in its diagnosis, as it is morphologically confused with other types of lymphomas. We present a series of cases in patients from various hospitals in Mexico, including clinical data, immunohistochemical studies, and all with the presence of EBV. Finally, we carried out a discussion about this entity to understand its pathogenesis.